About us


We are a small young team of designers, very passionate of course ! Our designs are proudly "Made in America". We live by the motto " A guitar is a companion for life. Strike the right chord and it opens the window to your soul"

We believe in putting up the best for our shoppers. The designs created by our team are only approved for sale after a review by enthusiasts who live and breathe guitars.

So there's nothing stopping you from wearing it on you to show the world what it means to you !

We will be expanding our product range soon , but for now we are offering our designs across the following categories:

  • Mens T-shirts
  • Ladies T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Tank Tops

If there's a particular design type you want us to work incorporate on our products or if you have any suggestions for us, please do let us know via  our 'Contact us' page.